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How to Test Resolution fo Eco Solvent Printer

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inkjet printer whether to print posters or light cloth, there must be a picture of the text to have the truth, cloth is only to picture bright also have 3d effect, and requires text information performance to be clear, for the purchase of large noodles or other photo machine buyers, the effect of equipment printing is very important. So, what exactly are we going to do to test the printer effect of the photo machine? LOCOR machine manufacturer technicians give several methods of testing: 

Method One: Photo machine test Duplicate printing

Repeated printing in the same position can often intuitively reflect the printing position can be set up, the specific process is: print cross, repeated several times, and then use a magnifying glass to see if the shadow, or you can first print a darker color dot, on the basis of which to print the contrast of a larger color, and then use a magnifying glass to see if the color, In order to judge the accuracy of inkjet。


Method Two:

 The test accuracy of the photo machine prints a rectangular border within the maximum printable width of the advertisement photo machine, and whether the length of the diagonal is the same, according to the quadrilateral diagonal tadanori, if the diagonal length is equal, then this is a standard rectangle, if the length is not equal, then the description is no longer rectangular, is a diamond or trapezoidal. If the print out of the unequal length, it shows that the rectangle has been seriously shape, accuracy failed to meet the standard of eligibility.

Method Three: The photo machine test prints the small print. 

No matter what type of photo machine indoor or outdoor, precision is the most basic condition for the completion of printing, the test method is: in PS Design No. 3rd font, repeated printing, to see if there is a heavy shadow phenomenon. If the font is clear, indicating that the photo machine is qualified, if there is a shadow, it shows that the vibration of the machine itself is relatively large, may be due to its own structure is unreasonable, or the nozzle operation capacity is insufficient.


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