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Maintenance Tips for UV Flatbed Printer

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Today with you to popularize the UV flatbed printer in a short period of time and a long time to do the maintenance work. 

Short term: within 3 days; Medium term: 3-15 days, two situations seem to difference little, but a maintenance method is very different, please friends according to their own actual situation to choose the seat。

Short-term maintenance

 to take a UV head carriage board size similar to the foam plate, the surface with a cling film winding, in case of stains

On the surface pad good dust-free cloth, and with UV head moisturizing liquid wetting surface, due to long downtime, can be appropriate to pour a little more moisturizing solution, has been guaranteed cleaning。

Will do a good moisturizing foam board placed on the waste ink Groove tray, with software control car lifting motor screw slowly drop, so that the surface of the UV nozzle and dust-free cloth completely contact, it is worth noting that do not squeeze too tight, contact can be.

Turn off the UV tablet printer off power and reset the various function switches. 

Medium-term maintenance

 first hit the ink valve switch as a vertical state, in case there is dust falling in.

Unplug the sealing head at the top of the ink valve, use a syringe to connect a 6*4 ink tube or trachea, extract ink cleaning liquid to wash the ink in the nozzle, unscrew the head of the plugging tube, rinse the inside of the nozzle, then screw the lid of the plug, and then rinse the nozzle spray hole, until the liquid from the nozzle surface appears transparent. (PS: Pressure should not be too big, see UV nozzle surface has ink drops can be).

After cleaning, use a syringe to pump air, the nozzle inside the cleaning liquid all cleaned out. 

Extract the right amount of UV nozzle moisturizer with a syringe and inject it slowly into the nozzle until the nozzle has a moisturizing fluid flowing out (it can be cleaned multiple times until it is clean).

Turn off the ink valve normally so that the moisturizer remains inside the nozzle.

Then follow the first step method of normal moisturizing nozzle can be. 

Turn off the emergency stop switch, turn off the computer, and turn off all circuit switches.


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